The worst year of all years in every other way, is now ending well for the wallets of Bitcoin owners. Eighteen days before the third year anniversary of its previous high of $19,783, Bitcoin has reached a value of $19,857.03, after starting the year on a slightly more positive note than the year before, with […]

by Blaise Cavalli, Decentralized finance (DeFi), a new investment mechanism exploded into the financial sector and certainly has been the trend to watch in the digital assets industry. With billions of dollars in value circulating on public blockchains, has only been a matter of time for digital assets to enter the field of generating yield […]

If you thought that the “cryptocurrency world” was only limited by nerds, then let us open your eyes with this list. To our surprise, we have found more than 100 celebrities that use and invest in cryptocurrencies  They have diverse reasons for it, but something that all of them have in common is that they […]

by Jamie Burke In this second article in a series posted on Outlier Venture‘s Blog,  I propose we are a year into 5-year long DeFi hype cycle, likely made up of several mini-cycles, where the aggregate effect is a quadrupling of today’s combined market cap and a doubling of the 2017 $600bn highs based on […]

by Jamie Burke In this series first posted on Outlier Venture‘s Blog, I propose we are a year into a 5 year-long ‘DeFi Hype Cycle’, likely made up of several mini-cycles, where the aggregate effect is a quadrupling of today’s combined market cap and a doubling of the 2017 $600bn highs based on a sustained ‘mainstreaming’ […]

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency sectors are notorious for being some of the world’s most terrible industries for female representation. If you think a mere five per cent of people working in blockchain are women in the UK is bad, in Canada it drops to three per cent. Globally, statistics pick up slightly with women making […]

With the arrival of Blockchain technology and its potential to disrupt the status quo, we have a relatively new ‘fix’ (or at least some bandaids) for many of our most severe problems as a civilisation. We have not changed that much since we started farming communities in the Agricultural Age some 10,000 years ago, followed […]

Blockchain is going to revolutionize business operations across multiple industries. In another 20 – 25 years, almost everything would become tokenized and connected via a blockchain network. Undoubtedly, global research firm, Gartner, had listed Blockchain as a top strategic technology for 2020. With an impressive CAGR of 67% (2020 – 2025), the market size for […]

Blockchain technology has since its inception made inroads into countless industries thanks to its transformative power. It holds great potential to disrupt the closed system of the gaming industry in several ways, one of which is tokenization. The use of asset tokenization could be a major game changer for the eSports sector. Not only does […]

2018 has been a crazy year for cryptocurrency and we are the only halfway through it. With colossal crashes and market stabilisations, the emergence of exciting new technologies, and regulatory developments from all over the world, a lot has happened in just six short months. Here is a guide to the most important things that […]