New Cardano Foundation CEO Mentions Cardano’s Actual Competition is Not The One You Would Anticipate


Frederik Gregaard, the inward CEO of the Cardano Foundation, communal his viewpoint on technology trends & FinTech’s competitive landscape with Cointelegraph.

Deliberating competition, Gregaard held that the protocol’s main enemies do not come from within the blockchain space:

I think the biggest competitor, it’s actually the biggest technology companies today around, the large tech platforms such as Google, Amazon, Tencent, Alibaba, those kind of players’.

Gregaard has faith in that social media-based big technology breadwinners have transformed from providing their consumers with expressive gears to fundamentally possessing & operating their operators. As to call them he went so far ‘an mental, addictive, manipulative technology environment — that is where social media is. It is not just a tool to come to be used, it has its personal goals.’

In his opinion, distributed technology signifies the conflicting of that, with Blockchain allowing users to wrestle back control of their data & identity:

‘You don’t really feel today what’s actually happening on the Internet. But everything you do is being monetized. & what is being occupied in obverse of you right now is gradually moving you towards a certain direction. & I think when society facts out that nothing in this world is free, they abruptly end up with the blockchain.’

In Gregaard’s opinion, blockchain technology permits for the building of a society where an individual does not require to trade their digital dominion for the services provided by technology companies. In adding to “liberating” individuals from tech giants, Gregaard textures that the mass acceptance of blockchain technology may help take the people of the world closer together.

He opined that in instruction to provoke this level of alteration, main blockchain protocols such as Cardano, Algorand, & Tezos must put sideways their differences & start working together. Gregaard trusts that the actual danger is not that one of these platforms will lose to a contestant. It is that the blockchain space as an entire might then not ever reach mass adoption:

“I think the market is super-big. & if we begain fighting about it, 1 or 2 companies, which technology stack are they selecting to do that DApps on? I think we are missing the boat. We necessity to start observing much like the whole population & the entire economic system: how do we shape that?”

Gregaard knew that chances might be loaded in contradiction of decentralized disruptors. Technology hulks have trillions of dollars at their disposal, & he held“there’s a great chance that we won’t get there”. Still, Gregaard believes that the technology Cardano is building is powerful sufficient to stand a fighting chance.


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