In recent news by Fox news point out the Bitcoin money Proponent’s modern-day Scavenger Hunt


The anonymous Bitcoin money individual known as, ‘Bitcoin Man,’ has created the news once more, now in urban center Calif.. Bitcoin Man was featured on an area Fox news on Gregorian calendar month eleven for making a “modern-day scavenger hunt” with bitcoin cash-loaded stickers hidden throughout the state.

Back in Sept, reported on AN anonymous person that distributed a hundred pre-loaded bitcoin money (BCH) stickers in city Calif.. one in all the stickers conjointly contained a golden sticker value $500 in BCH. The scavenger hunt stickers loaded with bitcoin money (BCH) and Bitcoin Man’s money-hunting contest, has managed to induce featured by some media retailers. currently Bitcoin Man is at it once more and now around, he visited urban center Calif. to disperse variety of BCH-loaded stickers within the region.

The urban center bitcoin money scavenger hunt was widespread and one contest participant managed to search out $1,000 in bitcoin money by finding a golden price tag. The story was conjointly featured on one in all the Central Valley’s leading news retailers KMPH Fox twenty six News urban center.
The news station’s attendant video says: “People right here in urban center ar finding free cash hidden by somebody UN agency calls himself ‘Bitcoin Man.’ We’ll show you ways to induce in on the growing game.” The news anchor conjointly elaborated that the anonymous man “created a contemporary scavenger hunt deed bitcoin money prizes for folks to search out in cities everywhere Calif.. The clues are often found on his Instagram page and in the week Bitcoin Man came to urban center.”

Further, Fox twenty six urban center reporters spoke with a number of the native winners. “The man behind all of this says he’s doing this for 2 reasons,” a KMPH Fox twenty six street newsman same. “The initial is to assist folks troubled because of the coronavirus. The second is to show folks additional regarding cryptocurrency like bitcoin, victimization these QR codes announce all around city,” she further. Adam Fisher, one in all the scavenger hunt prize winners, told the reporter:
The easiest one thousand greenbacks, the luckiest thousand greenbacks. What [Bitcoin Man is] doing is therefore cool. and then I saw that he was in urban center, and that we watched the total teaser video he did and it had a small very little shot of this [sign] right here.
Fisher merely scanned the golden price tag he found in urban center together with his Wallet. Another person interviewed by Fox twenty six News conjointly same it had been a scavenger search for cash essentially. The lucky winner found some BCH-loaded QR codes within the Tower District. Nishea Balajadia found thirty greenbacks in bitcoin money (BCH) and same it had been a “cool quite hope” that Bitcoin Man created with the scavenger hunt idea.

Balajadia more further that it had been simply fun to induce out of the house. Following Balajadia’s statements, the Fox twenty six newsman same the scavenger search for bitcoin money was a “coronavirus friendly activity and a manipulable moment.” This was as a result of Balajadia ne’er used cryptocurrency till she joined the bitcoin money scavenger hunt in urban center.
“All you would like is Instagram and therefore the case app,” the newsman stressed throughout the Fox twenty six news phase.
According to the KMPH report, Bitcoin Man same he plans to cover even additional bitcoin money across urban center and alternative regions. All the bitcoin money scavenger hunters ought to do is transfer the noncustodial case app and realize the hidden QR codes. Bitcoin Man conjointly disclosed that he plans to try and do the scavenger hunt in each little town in Calif.. He plans to convey away a complete of $40,000 in bitcoin money, the KMPH Fox twenty six news anchor finished.

Check out Bitcoin Man’s scavenger hunt on KMPH Fox twenty six news here and he conjointly uploaded the video to the Reddit forum r/btc also. “Haha, he is back,” same one Redditor in relation to Bitcoin Man’s urban center scavenger hunt post. “That is therefore cool seeing adoption returning, keep going that approach man, this is often the proper strategy,” the BCH supporter further.



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