Hotel BTC ATMs on the Increase With Adding of Swiss Hotel Dolder Grand


The numeral of hotels with BTC ATM on-site is rising in Switzerland. The newest statement came from The Dolder Grand, an extravagance hotel & spa in Zurich, which newly connected a crypto ATM supporting four cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin ATMs Ahead Fame in Hotels

The Dolder Grand proclaimed Monday that a cryptocurrency ATM had been connected at the hotel for visitors to buy & sell cryptocurrencies on-site. The statement states:

As of currently, guests of the Zurich Hotel Dolder Grand can buy &  sell cryptocurrencies on-site – suitably at the crypto ATM. This is made likely by a device from the Swiss cryptocurrency financial professional Värdex Suisse.

Hotel guests can usage the machine to buy 4 cryptocurrencies — bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, & ethereum — with Swiss francs & euros. They can also sell Bitcoin for Swiss francs.

The Dolder Grand ongoing tolerant bitcoin for overnight stays, drinks,  food, & spa actions a previous year. Rendering to the declaration:

The request for cryptocurrencies has bigger meaningfully; meanwhile, the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis. Numerous usage the Värdex machines to improvement first experience with cryptocurrencies.

The crypto ATM connected at The Dolder Grand is functioned by Värdex Suisse, which has the main network of cryptocurrency ATMs in Switzerland. Originated in 2017, Värdex is a spin-off from Bitcoin Suisse AG. Founded in Zug’s crypto valley, the company is a controlled Swiss financial intermediate.

Värdex Suisse has connected crypto ATMs at around 70 locations in Switzerland. Rendering to the cryptocurrency ATM following website Coinatmradar, there are now 102 crypto ATMs in Switzerland, making it the country with the 6th -uppermost number of cryptocurrency ATMs. Also, The Dolder Grand, other hotels that have a Värdex Suisse cryptocurrency ATM connected contain Hotel 46a, Hôtel Régina, Parkhotel, Hilton Zurich Airport,& Hotel Hecht Gottlieben. The company said that hotel guests ‘actively take advantage


Head of the technology.

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