Grayscale currently holds 0.5 1,000,000 Bitcoin


Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust currently holds quite five hundred,000 Bitcoin, surpassing $8.3 billion in worth.
Cryptocurrency fund manager Grayscale Investments currently holds quite five hundred,000 BTC in its Bitcoin Trust.

According to a Nov. 16 post, Grayscale currently holds to $8.35 billion price of Bitcoin— equation to two.69% of Bitcoin’s (BTC) outstanding offer and market cap.
But with Chainalysis estimating that around three.7 million BTC are lost, Grayscale may very well currently be in possession of three.37% of Bitcoin’s remaining current offer
Appealing to institutional investors UN agency area unit ready to pay a premium to shop for and hold cryptocurrency through the safety of a regulated fund, shares within the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust presently represent $15.62 price of Bitcoin every, nevertheless move for $18.86. This equates to almost a nineteen premium. Grayscale conjointly charges Associate in Nursing annual fee of twenty-two.
The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has sharply accumulated Bitcoin throughout 2020, with the quantity of BTC control by the fund increasing nearly five hundredth within the past six months. That’s a steep rise in 2020 for a fund that launched seven years agone and suggests snowballing institutional interest.
Last week, the fund reported its largest-ever weekly in-flow, taking in fifteen,907 BTC price $215 million.
Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust conjointly ramped up its purchases throughout 2020, and currently holds roughly $1.175 billion price of Ether, or 2.24% of ETH’s entire capitalization.
Grayscale’s eight different crypto funds presently manage nearly $400 million price of assets, transfer the whole worth of digital assets managed by the firm to $9.9 million.


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