Former patrons cannot drown sorrows as first-ever bar to simply accept Bitcoin closes


A legendary Berlin-based spa and Bitcoin hub closes down
A legendary bar and building in FRG that was reportedly the primary to ever settle for cryptocurrency as a style of payment has for good closed.
According to associate degree Oct. eighteen Reddit post from Joerg Platzer, founding father of space seventy seven, the primary brick-and-mortar business to simply accept Bitcoin (BTC) is not any longer acceptive customers and has closed its doors. during a goodbye message riddled with references to Stephen Arnold Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Platzer aforesaid “thanks once more for all the fish and also the generous tips” once over fifteen years in business occupying “that very little joint in Berlin Kreuzberg.”

“We had a good time,” aforesaid Platzer. “Having heaps of fun and creating several friends. it’s clear by currently that no-one can stop Bitcoin any longer. Sound cash on a world scale can presently create it unfeasable [sic] to wage wars and it’ll produce economic equality amongst world.”
Room 77, “the building at the tip of capitalism” settled within the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, Germany, was reportedly the primary brick-and-mortar location within the world to simply accept Bitcoin as a style of payment. Platzer claimed to possess received the primary crypto payment in could 2011 for a pint of brew.

Given that the common worth of brew in FRG is roughly $4.10 and Bitcoin had simply reached parity with the U.S. greenback at that point, the patron might have simply procured their drink with over one BTC — currently priced at $11,432. That’s a high-quality potable.
Crypto Twitter users were fast to leap on the news with their pilgrim’s journey stories to the legendary Bitcoin bar. Cointelegraph reportable that even Bitcoin pedagogue Andreas Antonopoulos had turned native business house owners onto crypto once an opportunity meeting within the bar.
“A visit to Berlin was ne’er complete no end by space seventy seven,” aforesaid Bitcoin Core developer Eric Lombrozo. “This place can forever stay a part of Bitcoin history.’
Phil Lucsok shared recollections of his initial time disbursement crypto within the real world:
“When I initial got some Bitcoin, I simply needed to pay it somewhere AFK. I need to space seventy seven on associate degree early spring afternoon in 2013 and ordered a low since I didn’t wish brew or food, simply needed to pay some decentralized currency for the primary time in my life.”

Platzer didn’t give a particular reason for the closure, however former patrons square measure speculating it’s going to be associated with restrictions because of the pandemic. Last week, authorities declared a curfew requiring bars in Berlin to close up between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM and prohibit gatherings to no over twenty five folks inside.
Though the ban was later raised, several businesses worldwide square measure experiencing a drop by revenue as commercial enterprise drops and additional folks keep inside.
“Blame it on COVID or blame it on restoration,” aforesaid crypto economic expert Jon Matonis on Twitter. “Either manner, this Kreuzberg landmark has served as a Bitcoin spa for over ten years, with thousands creating the obligatory pilgrim’s journey.”


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