Decentralized autonomous organizations treasuries quiet downhearted 40% afterward October’s decentralized finance downtrend


The fresh DeFi downturn has wedged the treasuries of DAO by 40 per cent in a month. Decentralized autonomous organizations  were deeply success by Oct. decentralized finance  downtrend, with the entire worth of assets managed by DAO’s deafening by 40% from thirty days ago.

Rendering to data from DeepDAO, the joint assets under management skillful by DAOs was additional than $290M as of initial Oct. By the 2ND  week of Nov, the AUM of DAOs had tumbled more than 50% to tag $140M.

As of this writing, DAOs presently manage $172.7M in assets, with the entire having augmented 20% alongside the incomplete recovery posted by many top DeFi marks over the historical week.

Notwithstanding DAO treasuries decrease during Oct, sector-wide membership augmented by 1,100 (around 10%) — with 11 DAOs now boastful more than 100 members all.

Though, a DAO’s total membership is not unavoidably a good pointer of how robust an organization’s governance might be.

Bancor is presently the largest DAO with 4,156 members, though; the organization is hitherto to vote on any offer. Likewise, pNetwork is the 3RD biggest with 1,243 notwithstanding leading zero votes so far.

PieDAO is the 2ND biggest DAO by members with 2,145 notwithstanding only 6 voters contributing in its only governance offer. PieDAO is also the main DAO by fiat worth, regulatory more than $51M value of assets.

By contrast, dxDAO seems to show well rounded strength, position fourth by fiat worth & membership, in totaling to hosting the 3RD biggest number of governance offers & the second-most voters of 87 decentralized organizations.


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