One of the reasons why the cryptocurrencies have gained popularity over the years is because trading them is supposed to be anonymous… but this is only partially true. In reality, Bitcoin is actually quite traceable. And this is no different for Ethereum, which is just as detectable and vulnerable to phishing attacks caused by leaky […]

The most popular cryptocurrency is having a moment again. But what’s with the Bitcoin hype right now? It’s been almost 12 years since Satoshi Nakamoto developed the peer-to-peer electronic cash system that brought us Bitcoin. Millions of people have been buying and selling this decentralized cryptocurrency for years now. So why this global hype all […]

by Blaise Cavalli, Decentralized finance (DeFi), a new investment mechanism exploded into the financial sector and certainly has been the trend to watch in the digital assets industry. With billions of dollars in value circulating on public blockchains, has only been a matter of time for digital assets to enter the field of generating yield […]

On November 17, the price of bitcoin touched another 2020 all-time high (ATH) when the crypto asset surpassed the $17k price zone on Tuesday. Bitcoin dominance has risen higher during the last few months and currently hovers at 65% this week. Despite the massive rise in bitcoin value during the last few months, altcoins are […]

Nov 10, 2020 06:15&nbspUTC | Updated: Nov 10, 2020 at 06:16&nbspUTC By& Clark Bitcoin’s market cap is speedily surpassing the financial base of multiple national currencies and it’s just like the Canadian dollar is next. As Bitcoin (BTC) blasted through the $14,000 level its capitalisation surpassed the financial base of the Russian ruble. This live includes each physical currency and bank reserves, each of that square measure sometimes command by a country’s central banks.The higher than chart could appear difficult initially look, however it merely compares gold, silver, Bitcoin, and […]

Nov 9, 2020 11:56&nbspUTC | Updated: Nov 9, 2020 at 11:56&nbspUTC By& Clark On Gregorian calendar month three, 2020, the cryptocurrency community detected that one in all the biggest addresses holding sixty nine,369 bitcoins from the trade route were transferred. Following the onchain movement, the U.S. government unconcealed it had confiscated the coins from someone they dubbed “Individual X.” the subsequent is associate degree in-depth check out what we all know concerning the trade route bitcoin address that was confiscated by U.S. enforcement.This week on day within the U.S., yank enforcement officers confiscated sixty […]

If you thought that the “cryptocurrency world” was only limited by nerds, then let us open your eyes with this list. To our surprise, we have found more than 100 celebrities that use and invest in cryptocurrencies  They have diverse reasons for it, but something that all of them have in common is that they […]

Based in the heart of the Netherlands financial world, Amsterdam-based Amdax B.V. has been given a green light and officially registered by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) as the first provider of cryptocurrency services in the Netherlands. The registration will allow AMDAX to process crypto transactions and store cryptocurrencies. The Dutch government has been somewhat bullish […]

In a massive crackdown on fraud and money-laundering, Hong Kong has announced a ban on the retail trading of digital currencies, and will now for all cryptocurrency exchanges to be licensed under new regulations. The new regulations will allegedly bring down the hammer on a massive amount of unregulated cryptocurrency trading in the city. Some […]

Venezuela says it will incorporate bitcoin and litecoin wallets to its Patria’s Cryptocurrency Remittance Platform. In an update, authorities in the country say this move will enable Venezuelan citizens to formally receive remittances in cryptocurrency form. Many citizens of hyperinflation hit Venezuela already use bitcoin as a store of value as well as for cross […]