Coinbase Senior Software Engineer Leftward This Week, Indistinct if Departure Related to New Policy


Andrei Anisimov, tweeted Saturday that this had been his last week at the cryptocurrency exchange whose LinkedIn profile quiet designates him as a ‘Senior Software Engineer’ at Coinbase, . At media time, it was not clear whether Anisimov was 1 of the 60 people who putative a compensation set that was proposed this week.

In a company-wide memo got earlier this week by CoinDesk, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong knowledgeable employees that 5 per cent of the company’s 1,200-person staff had accepted the compensation set proposed last week.

The compensation propose was made in reply to a difference in Armstrong’s new statement that his company’s policy was not to involve in ‘broader societal issues’ or amuse employee deliberations about it.

Rendering to LinkedIn, Anisimov had been with the conversation for just over a year.

A straight message to him through Twitter looking for comment was recited but not directly responded to. In one more Tweet, he acclaimed his previous company, said, ‘If you’re thinking of joining Coinbase – don’t hesitate, it’ll worth it.’


Head of the technology.

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