Nov 9, 2020 at 9:25 p.m. UTC CoinDesk 20 Bitcoin Price Index Market Wrap: Bitcoin Drops as Low as $14.8K; ETH Options Open Interest at Record High Bitcoin is gyrating amid rallying global stock markets while ether options traders ramp up open interest as the Ethereum network heads for an ambitious upgrade. Bitcoin (BTC) trading […]

Bitcoin and most major altcoins are sustaining above their immediate support levels, increasing the possibility that the uptrend will resume. The bond yields across most developed economies have dropped sharply since the central banks unleashed a slew of measures to counter the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This could pose a challenge to […]

Bitcoin and select altcoins have broken out of their bullish setups, hinting that further upside could occur through the weekend. Payments giant, Square, has become the second listed company after MicroStrategy to buy Bitcoin (BTC). Although Square’s purchase of 4,709 Bitcoin is much smaller than MicroStrategy’s haul of 38,250 Bitcoin, many investors feel that this […]

Bitcoin and altcoins could remain range-bound for a few days as traders search for triggers that will start the next trending move. Crypto prices may be in a rut but that doesn’t mean product development and acquisitions cease to occur. This week Japanese financial firm SBI Holdings acquired a 100% stake in TaoTao cryptocurrency exchange.  […]

The bulls are buying the dips in Bitcoin and a few altcoins, suggesting that investor sentiment remains positive. The shallow pullback in Bitcoin (BTC) following the news of the CFTC’s regulatory crackdown on BitMEX and the late announcement that U.S. President Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus shows that the underlying sentiment is still bullish. […]

Bitcoin and altcoins rebounded off their critical support levels, possibly creating a path to a new bullish uptrend. According to a study by researchers at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, the number of people who own Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets has surged from about 35 million in 2018 to over 100 million. […]

Bitcoin and altcoins are at risk of a deeper correction if they do not rise above their immediate resistance levels soon. According to survey data from crypto asset insurance firm, Evertas, institutional investors believe that clearer regulations and better infrastructure in terms of trading, reporting, and custodial services will increase their participation in the crypto […]

The market has taken a bearish turn and Bitcoin and altcoins will need strong relief rallies in order to restore their uptrends. Legacy and crypto crypto markets saw a strong correction today as traders fear that the second round of economic stimulus might be delayed as the White House, Senate and Congress could become entangled […]

Bitcoin and altcoins are facing selling near key resistance levels, but for now the possibility of a sharp fall remains low. The U.S. Federal Reserve recently hinted that it could keep interest rates near zero at least through 2023. The Bank of England went a step ahead and said that it could explore options for […]

Bitcoin and a few altcoins have broken above key resistance levels, which suggests that the bulls are attempting to take control of the market. This week MicroStrategy, a Nasdaq-listed company, announced that it had added 16,796 Bitcoin (BTC) to its existing holding of 21,454 Bitcoin. This means in less than a year the firm has […]