Bitcoin & OKB plunge afterwards OKEx suspends withdrawals


Main exchange OKEx unexpectedly suspended crypto withdrawals through one its key custodians cooperates with an investigation, trembling the crypto markets

Main crypto-asset exchange OKEx has postponed cryptocurrency withdrawals, declaring that one of the holders of its private keys is ‘currently cooperating with a public security bureau’ about ongoing’ investigations.’

The exchange noted that it has been ‘out of touch’ with the key-holder, stopping the ‘associated authorization’ from being finished. OKEx tactics to recommence digital asset removals ‘immediately’ once the key-holder ‘is able to authorize the transaction.’

Quoting its footings of service, OKEx says it had obvious to hang withdrawals but added that the safety of its customers’ assets ‘will not be affected’ by the proceedings.

Bitcoin has decreased by approximately 3 per cent in reply to the news, though OKEx’s native symbolic OKB has crashed 15 per cent.

Hours before the declaration, on-chain transaction nursing service Monster Attentive noted numerous large transfers between OKEx and unidentified wallets.

Outward-bound transfers of 1,180 BTC value $13.6M, 50M Tron (TRX) value $1.3M, and 21,000 Ether  were made over 6 hours, together with an incoming transaction of unevenly $13.9M in Tether. The transfers happened during a related time period to transfers of coins from the Bitfinex hack rendering to Whale Alert’s feed, though this may just be an accident given the large numbers of transactions that happen every day.

Beijing based reporter Colin Wu, who inscribes at WeChat public account @wublockchain recommended the OKEx investigation may be connected to money laundering.

‘The Chinese government is cracking down on money laundering using cryptocurrency for telecom fraud, & centralized exchanges are in a very dangerous state.’

OKEx targets Asian markets, although it is headquartered in Malta. Wu also alleged he’d discovered an ‘OTC merchant on OKEx had wrongly received 500,000 CNY from the fraud set and was hunted by the police crossways the provinces.’

Wu’s information is unconfirmed at this initial stage.

The OKEx situation happens after a 48 hour period that is saying at least 33 arrests subsequent from distinct law enforcement operations targeting global money-laundering operations in North America, Oceania, and Europe.


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