Bitcoin for Spain’s Congress: BTC Sent to 350 Spanish Parliament Members


Bitcoin has been sent to 350 deputies of the Spanish Congress as a part of an academic initiative kind of like the “Crypto for Congress” campaign that sent bitcoin to any or all Members of U.S. Congress.
Bitcoin Sent to 350 Spanish Lawmakers
All 350 members of Spain’s Congress of Deputies are sent bitcoin price a monetary unit every as a part of an academic campaign, native newspaper alphabet according Th. The Congress of Deputies is that the lower house of Spain’s parliament; it’s 350 members.
The initiative was launched by blockchain education platform Tutellus and Observatorio Blockchain “with the aim of raising awareness concerning the ‘transcendental’ role that cryptocurrencies area unit progressing to have within the transformation of the economy and society,” the publication sent, quoting sources from the organization as saying:
We have explained to the deputies that we have a tendency to area unit during a time of profound changes within the use of cash, additionally to lightness the necessary role that cryptocurrencies have nowadays.
All the representatives of the 10 parliamentary teams within the lower house of parliament were sent associate degree email with the equivalent of 1 monetary unit in bitcoin on weekday, the news outlet elaborate.
This move followed the Crypto for Congress initiative by the Chamber of Digital Commerce that sent all U.S. Members of Congress bitcoin as campaign contributions.
While the bitcoin sent by the Crypto for Congress initiative was meant as donations, Miguel Caballero, founding father of Tutellus World Health Organization launched the Spanish initiative, says the bitcoin sent to the 350 Spanish deputies “is not a donation.” He asserted:
Many deputies most likely have already got some expertise within the use of cryptocurrencies, however we might like people who don’t seem to be however acquainted with the new cash, to possess the chance to induce connected with it.
Caballero added: “With a digital monetary unit on the close to horizon, we have a tendency to believe that our deputies, as citizens’ representatives, ought to bear in mind of the advantages and risks of cryptocurrencies.”


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