83 plenty of faux Gold Bars Backing $3 Billion Loans in China: This Man Claims to understand the reality


The gold trade was agitated once it had been discovered that eighty three plenty of faux gold bars were accustomed back loans price twenty billion yuan in China. whereas Chinese authorities haven’t aforesaid whether or not the $64000 gold exists or wherever it’s, associate business executive claims to understand what happened.
The Mystery Behind the Chinese Scandal Involving eighty three plenty of faux Gold Bars
One of China’s largest gold jewellery makers, Kingold jewellery INC., was caught during a major faux gold scandal earlier this year. the corporate used eighty three plenty of gold bars to back loans price twenty billion yuan ($3 billion) from fourteen Chinese monetary establishments. This quantity of gold would be akin to concerning twenty second of China’s annual gold production. However, the media rumored in Gregorian calendar month that the gold bars clothed to be faux and were simply gilded copper alloy, however the corporate and its executives denied any wrongdoing.
Kingold jewellery could be a Nasdaq-listed company headquartered in metropolis, China. Its share value plunged half a mile since the scandal surfaced to $0.1334 on Wed. the corporate declared in August its conceive to voluntarily delist from information system.
While the Chinese authorities haven’t discovered wherever the $64000 gold is or whether or not it even exists, one man claims to understand what happened, NTD rumored last week. Yizhi Wei dynasty told the publication that the $64000 gold bars were swapped for faux ones and illegal out of China into Hong Kong wherever they were sold below market costs. He claimed to be one among the middlemen.
The publication represented Wei dynasty as “a member of China’s questionable red aristocracy … from the Manchu ethnos.” additionally, “His father was a senior communist official” and “His grandpa was a communist revolutionary United Nations agency helped the regime seize power.”
Wei detailed: “Every day it’d are available from the Chinese town of Shenzhen. we’d go die on a daily basis, 10 kilos, 20 kilos, 30 kilos. Then we’ll sell it within the afternoon on an equivalent day. we have a tendency to created cash from the value variations. we have a tendency to didn’t understand wherever the gold came from.”
He became sure that the gold bars he bought and sold were an equivalent ones as those happiness to Kingold jewellery as a result of the numbers written on them matched the vary of numbers purportedly written on Kingold Jewelry’s gold bars.



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